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Living Joyfully
Need a New Idea?
Create, Exercise Your Imagination
Whats A Jiggi Collar?
Connect with your Mom! Think Paper, Scissors, & Glue!
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Living Joyfully

Seek and you shall find! When needing inspiration for any task at hand, you need only look around you, to find something of beauty. If you are able turn about 360 degrees. Look with your eyes, mind, and heart. What speaks to you!? For this is your inspiration! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Need a New Idea?

Just when it seems you've run out of ideas. Nothing fresh to taste or celebrate! You need only began, by  writing a list consisting of  subjects that bring you satisfaction,  joy, interest you, or make you laugh. More than three, on your list, please.  Pick one of these, and research the subject further.  Another's  opinion  or  new use of the same tools, may be all you need for  inspiration, to rekindle that fire in your belly! Today is a great time to began.

Create, Exercise Your Imagination

 If  I give to you these items, white paper,  blueberries,  red cotton string, a wire hanger, black tea leaves, and a candle,  the task being to create, utilizing these items together, what would be your first thoughts? 
Endless posibilites, stumped, too busy, too messy, thrilled for a challenge, don't have the time!? Our imagination
is our best way to a bright future! Challenge yourself  to use only what you have available at the time, and 
make something.

Whats A Jiggi Collar?

Big dogs, small pups, kittens, cats, alpacas, ferrets, ponies, goats, pigs and horses, can wear these!!
Jiggi Collars are awesome, durable, beaded collars for your pets. Hand crafted by the SwanGease 
family, for our pets, for many years. In the Dena'ina Athabascan language,  "Jiggi" means "favored one".
Now you too can adorn your favorite one! Check out the Jiggi's at the site.
Oh and may a I add, you can have a bracelet made to match!!! Gems of course!

Connect with your Mom! Think Paper, Scissors, & Glue!

Do you remember  when a picture from you, made by your own little hands, brought delight and joy, to your Mom's face? Do you now experience this with your own child's gift, created with innosence and love. Mother's day is just around the corner, think paper, scissors & glue, colors too. Make and present her a card,  just from you!!
And if that simply will not do, find something special with us!

Awaiting the Song of the Golden Crown Sparrow

Today, May first, we await the song of  The Golden Crown Sparrow, giving signal to the arrival of the King Salmon,
to the Kenai River.  May first, is also the day we set the Kenaitze Educational Fisheries, net.
We gather on the beach, where my family and ancestors have always gathered to give thanks for this gift of  harvest. 
We gather to honor and celebrate this magnificent and nutritional, life giving resource! The Salmon. 

Inspiration Is Right Here!

Hello Out There! Looking for inspiration!?  I attended a program last evening,  at Kenai High Theater.
Caring For The Kenai. Performances that bring community together, focusing on our youth, their education and their futures. 
Thank You Merrill Sikorski for continuing to inspire unity, creative thinkers, family, and industry alike
gathering together with solution in mind, for seeking answers and partnerships. 
Yes, inspiration is everywhere in our own communities! 
For More info.

Ida'ina Gathering, Anchorage Alaska

Wow! Music, dancers, drummers, all gathered for the Pow Wow, friendship gathering
at the Anchorage Dena'ina Center,  March 29-31.  Artist from all four directions and 
cultures, representing their tribes and communities, performed from noon till midnight
each day!. Tebughna Foundation hosts this event annually. Special guests included RedBone,  
Medicine Dream, Bunny Swan and Johnny B, and so manny others. We best check the roof
at the center! I have no doubt we hovered it!

Musical week-end!

Find some Live Music this week-end!  It feels really good!! The Dinner Show was a huge success! What a talented and brilliant Artist, Johnny B is! we will be on stage again Saturday night in Anchorage, at he Dena'in Center. We are opening for Red Bone. Its danceable folks! Lets Dance in spring! Hope to see you out! BSG

Idai'ina Gathering

The Third Annual  Friendship  Ida'ina Gathering commences Friday March 29 in Anchorage, at the Dena'ina Center.
Hosted by Tabughna Foundation.  The three day event hosts drummers, dancers, cultural arts and Concert Night, Sat. March 30  featuring RedBone, Medicine Dream & Bunny Swan with Johnny B.  Addmision  to the Gathering is free  and open to the public. Friday, Saturday & Sunday, thru March 31st! A time to gather and celebrate Spring and each other!
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